We collaborate with individuals, groups, schools, community organisations, and other partners who are committed to engaging and empowering young people.

Our work includes a wide range of groups and nationalities, as well as a variety of environments. We are funded by the Violent crime reduction unit.

The Violent Crime Reduction Unit is a group of experts who bring people from all walks of life together to better understand why violence occurs and to take immediate and long-term steps to prevent it. 

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We believe in the value of education

We are committed to providing both assistance and good opportunities for young people, as well as partnering with communities to equip them with the tools and resources they need to make a difference in their communities.

In this contract with the crime deduction unit, we have the one to one work which is called Step Ahead and the staff training which is called step out.

Helping staff to develop understanding and the key skills around working with young people who present violence, aggressions and difficulty engaging with.
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involves working with young people directly to engage them and make improvements to support them on what their struggles are and how to face them properly.

We aim to empower young people by providing them with the skills and information they need to pursue lives of dignity, purpose, and financial stability. We aim to help our future generations navigate a safe path to adulthood.

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We also provide the ACE (Adverse childhood experiences) training program to organizations for free by signing up.

his is a tool to assist organisations and communities in leveraging the best available evidence to prevent ACEs from occurring in the first place and to mitigate the damages that do occur when they do. We want to prevent ACEs from happening in the first place, identify those who have, and respond with trauma-informed techniques to create the conditions for strong, healthy families and communities where all children and youth are safe and can attain lifelong health and wellbeing. Many of the problems that we face throughout our lives, even as adults, have their roots in childhood. Children who have had traumatic early experiences, such as disease, neurodevelopmental disorders, neglect, or abuse, may have mental health issues that will follow them throughout their lives, impeding their social development, family life, education, employment, and even their physical health.
As an organization, we offer this training for free and we are focused on the Bury Area, please sign up to enjoy free access.

We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone

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