We are Enterprising Youth - a young person-centred education provider that helps families, schools and community organisations improve life outcomes for their children, pupils and youth groups.

We specialise in working with young people whose emotional or behavioural needs place them at risk of exclusion from mainstream experiences. Our mission is to help these young people maintain positive mental health through engagement with education.

By using a holistic and bespoke approach to education and offering targeted support, projects and programs, our experienced team empowers young people, raises their aspirations and nurtures them to make better choices.

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Working Together

Since developing and delivering our first in-school offer in 2017, we’ve grown to support over 1500 young people in over 20 schools across Greater Manchester.

By working together, we’ve come to understand what schools face as they try to manage the rising issues impacting on their pupils.

Learn more about how we’re ready to help more schools meet this challenge.

About us
  • We’re ready to nurture young people to develop new skills through engagement with education.
  • Through our 1:1 mentoring, small group coaching and workshops, we teach young people specific skills and develop their ability to apply proven approaches for staying mentally healthy in difficult circumstances.

  • We’re ready to collaborate with families, education providers and community organisations
  • By building capacity and sharing our knowledge, we offer coaching and mentoring to practitioners and professionals, and can even work as part of your team.

    We also support parents to develop an understanding and response to difficult emotions such as anger, anxiety and trauma.

People profit...

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) – we invest our profits in young people and communities. We want to build relationships with individuals, community groups, organisations and partners who share our mission to help young people realise their ambitions. Get in touch if you share our goals.

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Our Approach (ROSES)

The projects and programs we’ve deliver have helped us to shape a holistic approach which is based on five elements in a model we refer to as ROSES. This model can be adapted to the needs of our partners, communities and the young people we support.

Learn more about ROSES. ⇩


We are a trauma informed and responsive service. We believe having a positive relationship with yourself and connection to others is a vital part of our human experience and essential to good mental health and resilience.


We promote immersion and practice. We believe that having opportunities to participate in activities and develop new skills can provide experiences that lead to self-reflection and better understanding.


We are collaborative and adaptable. We’ve developed a range of interventions and services that can be delivered 1:1 and in small groups, using transformational mentoring and coaching.


We want young people to gain agency and self-recognise opportunities for change. We provide the skills training to help them learn how to make informed choices, so they are able to take action and make important decisions about their life.


We’re part of a care-focused network. We facilitate connections between young people, their families and communities, identify needs and and support transitions between other support services.

Our 21-22 Impact

We’re currently working with schools across Greater Manchester to support vulnerable pupils at risk of exclusion because of angry or aggressive behaviour. We’re excited to hear staff share news of improvement in many of these pupils.

Bury Schools Offer

Our Step Out programme currently has funded places available for Bury schools. Please contact us for more information.

Our Step Ahead programme currently has funded places available for pupils in Bury Schools. Please contact us for more information

We have developed projects with Enterprising Youth for the last few years and I have always felt that the impact of the projects is worth the effort of organising them. Ultimately, Dawn has a passion for helping these young people, they relate well to her and she creates projects with them that bring them to a safer, happier place.’

Head of Year (SB, Bury)

Youth Board

We are currently developing a youth board to grow our organisation. Please contact us if you know of any young people who might want to get involved.

Funders / Partners / Commissioners

We are extremely grateful to each of our supporters and grant funders that enable us to deliver our programmes with young people across Greater Manchester.

Our Memberships

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